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"FIN. Photography Collaboration with María G. Azcárate...

Photography by María G. Azcárate

Makeup & hair by Susanne Koyuncu

Models Anastasia Litvintseva and Katie Yao Morgan

Love is a funny thing, you never understand how it works.

Is spark really just happening once in a lifetime? Is it real or just my mind playing tricks on me? Spending all these years searching for love,

but found my true self in the end...

memory lane mood.jpg

"It's a mistake you always made trying to love a wild thing...

Two keywords, "good taste" and "sin", from silhouette to details. "Good taste" in my perspective is "classic", with all the details and finishing. Workmanship increase value. The higher the value, the longer the lifespan of a piece of garment can be. "Sin" in the way I feel is guilt from inner-self. The feeling that might destroy you, swallow you and rip your soul into pieces.

Inspired by the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's, this collection combines a sense of masculinity and femininity from the 40s. Also transforming the ideas from a mental perception to a physical presence of garment details.

This collection is a trip down memory lane, to the times when fast fashion did not exist, and relief of own self from the past memories.

"A trip down Memory Lane, under the waning sun...

Photography by María G. Azcárate 

Summertime in Amsterdam, flowers bloom and grow, the sun comes and goes... Here's a little photo shoot around the studio on 18 Jun evening with Marina...

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