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The first collection I ever created. Inspired by only one object, orange. Orange is my favourite colour, it is passionate, eye-catching, and warm, and from that extent I started my design development. In typical society standard, women are usually only a supporting role of men which I disagree. So I infused my  feminism thoughts into this collection. From the colour as a statement that ladies can also be the main character just as noticeable as the colour orange.

AW18 | Ready-to-wear Collection and Development

Photo credits to International Fur Federation.

REMIX 2018 | Milan On Show

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FUR18 | Withering Orange

Inspired by the rotting process of an orange. First from a fresh orange, then soon decomposed by some greenish fungi and turns into nothing. It is the "circle of life". And that beauty of remodelling from nature is undeniable. This stage of change can reflects to women, and I think a mature lady can still be charm in a different way. The evolution of the oranges life was captured in the designs, with a contrasting waving hemline long coat, and a contrast raglan sleeve hipline coat. 

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