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CLO Avatar Project

First is the rectangles proximately created for the pattern pieces. Then I calculate the length and add curve points to the rectangles and drag to form armholes and neckline. After that, I used the sewing tool to sew segments. Checking the fitting which the armhole is slightly weird, so I did amendments and went back to live draping repeatedly. For the short sleeves suit jacket, I found a print on google which is very similar to my jacket fabric. I edited it on photoshop in order to make it even more parallel, the less the size of the print the less to see the repeat blocks. I also added buttons and buttonholes onto the jacket. To make it parallel, I had to press down shift while copy and paste and right-click to put in the exact length value. For the pants, which is the most difficult for me as the volume pleat is hard to achieve. First, I split the front panel, then equally divided it into 3 parts, then I use the pleat tool to confirm the direction and how it should be sewed. Then I also did a simple crop top just like the way I did for other patterns, rectangles then curve and adjust. For the look of the avatar, I changed the heels into boots, which are provided by CLO. I also changed the pose of it. I firstly wanted to use the hands-down avatar, but the problem is the jacket keep on falling if I let the front of the buttons open. So, the final pose it another one. For skin tone, I changed the replacement to colour code #DFCBBD, which matches more of my skin colour. Lastly, I also slightly do makeup from photoshop adding shades of brown to lips, eyes and cheek. Also slightly lengthened the eyebrows using photoshop brush.

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