Where are your materials coming from?

Our designs are made of re-used, up-cycled and natural materials. Sourced locally or in nearby cities, to lower the carbon footprint. And each design is carefully handmade to order. No deadstock, no overproduction.


Why is every product unique?

They are naturally unique in their way due to their natural property and the process of making them. All of them are handmade in Hong Kong, so the shapes may also vary. After all, this is exactly what we want to tell through our products. To cherish and appreciate the life of who you are being different.





How often do you launch a new collection?

Just when I feel like it if I'm being honest.


Any customization?

We do have custom sizings but seldom accept fully custom orders. Please refer to each product description and let us know your preference. We're also open to suggestions and feedback! Do let us know your thoughts simply by shoot us a message.


Do you have a physical store?

Sadly we don't have physical stores at the moment, you may check out our stockist list if you would like to see the design in person. FYI, our products are available here, online. Rents are too high in Hong Kong you know... but we'll let you know when we made it! And we also have random pop-ups around the city. Do follow our Instagram or check here for the latest updates.





How my order got shipped?

We carefully pack your order without any non-degradable materials. As we care about our planet, and you should too. For example, we do not use traditional non-biodegradable bubble wraps. Our standard packaging is carton box, packing paper with seal sticker, and we only use compostable parcel bags for overseas order.

Pardon, what do you mean compostable parcel bag?

The parcel bags we currently use are made out of starch, a very strong eco-friendly plastic and will not affect the protection of your parcel. You may sniff it, and yes, it smells like sweet popcorn. Don't bite though, it can be composted but not for digest...)

What's so special with the zipper bag?

The packaging of SUM is designed with the concept of zero-wastage, and that can be used for keeping your transportation card or credit cards. It is our responsibility to save the future environment if you agree.


What about those jewellery pouches?

All jewellery pouches are made from fabric leftover, that is why. From projects to design collections, there's always a lot of scraps that are too sad to throw away. With our ambition to minimize waste during production, we turn the scraps into these pretty little pouches.






Is it normal that the surface of my product becomes dull after time?

Yes. It's super normal due to wearing over time.


What happens if my jewellery gets stained/scratches?

Everything you've experienced is what makes you special. And so do your jewellery. Don't feel sad about it and every mark should remind you what you've been through.


Can I wear my jewellery during shower/swimming/to the beach?

You can but we don't recommend it if you insist. But you can't do anything without consequences haha... Here's a soft reminder: For sterling silver, you can usually puff them to regain shininess. Though for gold-plated designs, the chemicals and minerals in swimming pools and beaches may not be friendly with jewellery, the surface may become dull quicker. For details, please refer to each product description for care instructions.


How to clean my jewellery?

To clean it with a soft, clean cloth is already enough. Avoid contact with organic solvents as it will damage the coating of your product. Please stay away from ultrasonic cleaners as they may damage your jewellery.




If you still have further questions, shoot us a message here or on social media. We will get back to you ASAP :)