Research Analysis

By observing the general public in Hong Kong, our group find that BDSM style is rare on the street. With the curiosity to find out why, we start investigating how the media affects younger generation mindset as social media plays a main part in their life, and in the main time youngers with a more open-mind may easily be affected. From the beginning we start researching on the background of BDSM and its exposure in the past decade. Actually, BDSM is not as non-mainstream as we thought. For example, in 1974, the familiar brand Vivienne Westwood turned her punk boutique into a fetish store with a decoration “SEX” with tit clamps, masks to chains. This helps to break the taboo on sex related issues. But what is the reason of BDSM style fail to be fashion trend in Hong Kong? We started investing and come up with the idea of how media controls people thinking. We divided the media into TV programs, movies, blogs and forums, and newspaper. From TV, we found that TV channels always use BDSM as a gimmick to attract viewers. For example, Drama Gun Metal Grey and Drama Legal Mavericks, some useless and non-sense DBSM scenes in the drama. Also, from Chapman To vlog series, some low-quality sex joke is used throughout the whole program. For blogs and forums, we can see a lot of harsh comments with description like “包養眼”, “包你濕”, “淫底”, “對波好靚”, “臭雞” in sex related topics. For movies, like Golden Duck, Mr. and Mrs. Player, and Vuglaria, they use the BDSM style for the posters and commercials. And 3D Sex and Zen, the whole movie is about sex, but the impression is more like porn featuring real porn stars. We concluded that these all gives a negative impression to general public. On the other hand, the well-known movie series 50 Shades of Grey Series promoted BDSM in a relatively positive angle, which provides a basic idea of BDSM and with the packaging of the main characters, it gives a positive impression to viewers.


Design Development

In the second part of the project, we imply our perspective on “how media affect the impression of sex” into our collection. To sum up, we decided our design would mainly focus on mocking the sexual objectification. From the beginning, we narrowed down our design to be quirky, playful but elegant. We get inspiration from nonsense restaurant posters with sexual elements, politician posters with man-made damages. And at the end we used the “nui nui” sauna posters found in MongKok. With the consultation on Wed, we are suggested to break down the elements of why we think the poster is cheap, e.g. is that because of the fold line, colours, low photoshop skills, wrong proportions or weird font design etc. Then by the conclusion, we started sketching our designs. According to out inspiration and aim to mock the media, our group sketches idea firstly has different perspective, including playful style like Moschino, and elegance style formal wear. With different moods from groupmates, in the end we sum up our design to be specifically focus on the crotch and bust area. There are designs like open bust, print on crotch, creases on crotch and teasing fabric etc. And for the colour, we picked the colour combo from one of the posters which included some “outdated” shades like shocking pink, greenish-yellow etc. In the fabrication development, reflective and shiny fabric with crease created in purpose, is use for emphasizing crutch, fruit wrap was use as a fabric, attached on the top as a mesh, with the hidden meaning of ‘nui nui’ are treat as a product, have the same selling concept as fruit products, are free to choose and free to buy.

Work created with amazing groupmates.

KWONG Ka Yin YEUNG Tsz Hei | Marco WONG Mei Ting | LEE Shu Lam | CHAN Po Yee | NG Ka Man | LAM Wing Sum