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We minimise the use of packaging

Our sustainability commitment extends to every aspect, including our clothing tags. Designed with a purpose, our clothing tags are made from 100% degradable materials, with unbleached cotton string, a minimal paper card and a little envelope. An envelope providing additional thread and buttons along each garment encourages you to repair and extend the lifespan of your cherished pieces. With this little act, we aim to make a positive difference in the fashion industry by promoting conscious consumption and reducing waste. 

garment packaging
garment packaging close up

We provide extra buttons and threads along the clothing tag for easy repair.

For our jewellery, we provide an optional dust bag per delivery, which is made of 100% unbleached cotton calico with a screen-printed statement. By that, we would like to remind everyone to care about our planet and reuse it in creative ways.


In most industry standards, cotton was bleached to get rid of the colour and to prepare for dyeing, this may involve different kinds of processing. During the traditional fibre process, excessive chemicals, water, and energy were used to achieve the pure white colour, producing a huge amount of waste in a result that is totally not biodegradable. It also potentially pollutes our water resources, air, and soil which harms wildlife and humans. When contacting our skin, fabrics with harsh chemical bleaching may trigger irritation and allergies. It is also a threat to human health in the long term. For customers, things to consider before purchase is to do some research about the source of the product. Eco-friendly options may include but are not limited to organic cotton, unbleached cotton and enzyme wash finishing.


Planet earth provides resources in a circular way, what we create goes back to nature and returns. And what we create shouldn't cost the world. We love nature and simplicity, we appreciate the genuine cream colour of cotton fibre, which is one of the reseason why we choose this material for packaging. The calico fabric also reminds me of the development stage in fashion, using calico fabric for toiles as it's not only a very stable fabric that comes in various types but also a less-treated fabric.


As a dust bag, nothing fancy, it's just a very practical vessel that does its work. And highly encourage you to reuse our dust bag in creative ways. For example to store earphones, guitar picks, crystals or even your lipsticks. Zero-waste is never easy, but we should try our best to shape a better future that we all love to live in.


SUM jewellery pouch that is made of 100% unbleached calico.

Backed in October 2020, we designed the business card with a whole page of orange and the quote of this project “Everything you’ve experienced is what makes you special.”, which is from the founder's name “Sum”. Sum in Chinese is "琛", meaning a valuable and precious treasure. From English understanding it also means totality. Giving the business card a second meaning by printing the quote on it, we recommend you to put it in the wallet as a cheering card, a little reminder each day, that you're special and good enough just the way you are.


And this year June 2022, we also redesigned it by going back to basics and creating a new name card with a simple white card and enlarging the font size for a stronger and more impactful reading. Also aligned with our jewellery pouch design with washing labels and quotes, they exist as a teaser for our future garment projects.

We create designs that last, and so were our packagings, we give them a second meaning in the hope that you won’t throw them right away. As we deeply believe that creativity shouldn’t cost the world, and sustainability should be part of the design.

SUM name card mockup 2.jpg

SUM business cards are printed with the quote "Everything you've experienced is what makes you special." to give it a second purpose.

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