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SCARCITY PRINCIPLE | Graduation Collection

Photography by Chan Tsz Fung

Makeup and hair by Alice Fallen

Models lusgen, guainiacd, marinaniki02


Scarcity affects humans. From love life to historical events, and till modern marketing strategy. Start from inspiration to find an alternative to deal with problematic fast fashion. In scientific research stated that the less an object available the more that people find it attractive. This can explain why we are always lured by mysterious people or limited edition in stores. During the 18th and 19th century, fabric resource was limited. People use trims, embroidery and multifunctionality to maximise garment usage, which the mindset is neglected nowadays. This collection is not really about visual but on a psychological perspective.


SCARCITY PRINCIPLE | Ideas Development

Sketchbook design development extract.

Instagram: @lamwingsum

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