Brand | Marrknull

MARRKNULL is a womenswear brand based in Beijing. Wang Wei (graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology) and Shi Tan (studied architecture) launched the brand in 2015. Brand identity is modern Chinese social system, aim to challenge the negative connotations that come with fashion that’s ‘Made in China’. By creating a new fashion aesthetic “土 [tǔ]酷 [kù]”, which means bogan style clothing can still look chic, a vintage yet humorous style. Marrknull adept at integrating multiculturalism in clothing by innovative deconstruction and breaking the limits of gender. Creating new youth culture through the expression of conflict and contradiction in clothing

Store Format | Pop-up Store

Marrknull does not have a physical store yet, and the brand is new and may not be well-known to Hong Kong customers. Therefore, we decided to open a pop-up store for the brand to announce itself with its special brand story and identity to our Hong Kong customers. Rough size description of the pop-up store, oval Atrium, podium level 1, IFC Mall (roughly 2,000sq.ft). We chose to build our pop-up store in IFC because IFC mall is one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Hong Kong, with a mix of first-class international brands and world-class four seasons hotels. The mall has more than 200 stores, ranging from mid - to high-end international brands. The mall is designed mainly in white, with a three-story ceiling and outdoor lighting, which makes shopping especially relaxing.

Store Atmospherics

Print/Banner: The stage and window displays’ backdrops, prints on the fitting rooms and cashier, are in a consistent style to our brand image and brand story, which is promoting the Chinese “too cool” culture. For colour, the hue is green, red, pink and blue, give a feeling of love, warmth, and comfort, a sign of stability and reliability, tranquillity and health. In the line and composition, parallel lines give off a feeling of excitement, Circular lines create a sense of perfection and completeness, continuity, Tall and thin lines gives elegance and refinement feeling. For the use of materials, red velvet curtains and blocks create elegant, passionate and significant Chinese style, the familiar context is effective to enhance the willing of shopping of the Chinese customers.

Free-form | Arena layout

The store layout we choose free-from because The free-form store looks less sterile and more interesting and most likely to create an experiential retail space. Although inefficient use of space may lead to less space to display product, the main purpose of establishing this store is not to promote consumers' consumption, but to promote the brand, so that Hong Kong customers can know the brand and have a good impression and experience. 


Work created with amazing groupmates.

Fu Shu Hei Dion | Mak Cheuk Hei, Roy | Li Xintong | Li Chak Wai | Lam Wing Sum | Fong Cheuk Yi

Software | Kujiale