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Lam Wing Sum. Born in 1998 summer Hong Kong. Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design and also studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). In 2018, Lam was named the 1st runner-up of the Fur Design competition and selected as a finalist in REMIX International by Vogue Talents. And in 2022, She won the Design Category in the "Cre8 by AIA" Competition. Her designs have been featured in various media outlets, including Italian Vogue.

Lam's design philosophy centres around nature, colour, and playfulness while paying tribute to classic styles. Her designs aim to encourage viewers not only to appreciate the aesthetics but also to reconsider their own perspectives. Her work often uses metaphors to convey strong statements in a more approachable way. She adopts sustainable approaches not only in materials but also in design and workmanship, to explore the possibilities of the future in sustainable fashion.

In 2018, she launches her own label SUM. Starting from slow-design jewellery that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. SUM in Chinese is "琛", from the designer's name. which means a valuable and precious treasure that represents totality. This inspired her brand aspiration, "Everything you've experienced is what makes you special." On the other hand keeping the brand as low carbon footprint as possible, by establishing eco-friendly concepts from products to packaging.

In 2022, Lam gained recognition for her innovative "玷綴" Art of Mending design in "Cre8 by AIA" competition, which led her to start her own namesake label LAM WING SUM in the same year. Lam believes that tattered clothes are a statement of the owner's hard work in life and there is no need to hide them. Instead, she uses bright and playful colours to highlight the flaws and turn them into art. This approach not only applies to her own collection but also to cherished pre-owned garments. Lam's approach to mending fashion is both stylish and sustainable, yet promotes a message of self-expression and individuality. Her designs not only reduce waste but also celebrate the unique stories behind each piece of clothing.



Nov 2022 winner of "Cre8 by AIA" Competition in Design Category, receiving HK$300,000 Cre8 Kickstart Fund for career and venture.

Dec 2021 - Present as Creative Farmer at Agrician. Concept urban farm that aims for circularity and well-being. Inspired by nature alongside brand designing, and explore more on sustainability apart from fashion. 

Aug 2020 - Nov 2021 as Editorial Assistant at Fashionary. Assisted on projects including but not limited to Fashionpedia, Men's Poses For Fashion Illustration, and Atelier Sketchbooks Collection.

June 2020 finished the BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design thesis collection.

Jan 2020 has been selected to be a Grey Sheep on Not Just A Label.

Jul - Aug 2019 summer internship at Fashionary as a research assistant. Editorial content research for upcoming publishing titles.

Feb - Jul 2019 exchange study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). Completed the Atelier collection during the semester

May 2018 - Present as the founder of SUM, from handcrafted accessories to eco jewellery. Designs are currently available in ITC Store and online platforms.

Aug 2018 finished a Fashion & Clothing higher diploma at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Fashion & Textile Design BA (Hons) will be completed in 2020.

Jun 2018 participated in the creative workshop at Kopenhagen Fur Studio. A creative workshop, developing fur design and technique. Learned the newest techniques and how to work with fur materials.

Feb 2018 chosen by the Vogue panel to be the finalist of REMIX 2018, the annual international competition hosted in Milan by the IFF.

Jan 2018 as the 1st runner-up of Hong Kong FurDesign 2018 with the collection inspired by the deterioration process of orange.

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