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Lam Wing Sum labelled garments offer brand-new clothing crafted with a focus on sustainability. We believe in responsible sourcing and design, utilising upcycled materials or carefully chosen responsibly-sourced fabrics. 


Lam Wing Sum Edited labelled garments are a more transformative approach to sustainability. We take second-hand and deadstock garments to re-imagine with minimal alterations in order to close the loop, reducing waste and maximising the potential of every garment. 


Both labels embody our commitment to sustainable fashion, where style and ethics harmoniously converge. With our labels, you could indulge in stylish, environmental-conscious clothings that align with your values. We will try our best to create a fashion industry that respects the planet, one garment at a time.


The design process of labels "Lam Wing Sum" and "Lam Wing Sum Edited".

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