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Organic cotton refers to cotton that is grown and processed using methods that have a minimal impact on the environment and human health. Unlike conventional cotton, which is grown using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic cotton is cultivated is grown from non-genetically modified (non-GMO) seeds using natural and organic fertilizers, such as compost and animal manure, to nourish the soil. Crop rotation and biological pest control are also adapted to maintain soil fertility and prevent pests. We use organic cotton as much as can to help protect the environment, wildlife, and the health of farmers and surrounding communities. For consumers, it also reduces the risk of skin irritation and allergies, providing a healthier and more comfortable experience.

Silk is a natural fibre created by silkworms. It is a renewable resource and biodegradable, with a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic fabrics. Silk production requires less water, fewer chemicals and energy-intensive processes, which helps reduce environmental impact in the fashion industry. Please note that the silk materials we currently use are not cruelty-free and we are constantly looking for better and accessible materials. One of my favourite projects Silk Pavilion by Neri Oxman and MIT harnesses the silkworms' innate ability to spin silk, the project explored a new approach to architectural construction, utilizing natural processes and materials. It demonstrated the potential for combining biology, digital fabrication, and design to create sustainable and innovative structures. 

Corozo is a 100% natural material for manufacturing high-quality buttons. It is derived from the seeds of a palm tree primarily found in South America. Offering remarkable strength and resistance against scratches, naturally in elephant ivory colour with porous qualities for easy dyeing. One of its notable features is the elegant natural grain, which exhibits a distinctive and subtle surface pattern like a fingerprint.

Embroidery threads we use are also 100% cotton long-staple and double mercerized for a brilliant sheen, made in France.

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We minimise the shipping materials and elected to use sustainable couriers to deliver your order.

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