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"Imperfection Makes Perfect" is a fashion design collection that draws inspiration from the chaotic nature of life. 


As humans, we are naturally drawn towards perfection, but the reality is that perfection is unattainable. This collection aims to celebrate imperfections and highlight the beauty in unpredictability by incorporating elements of film photography and fabric distortion techniques to depict the idea of unpredictable imperfection in a unique and creative way.


Inspired by Van Gogh's life in South France during his later years, I captured his path with Holga camera from Hong Kong and monochrome film, and the developed photos after three years served as a powerful reminder of the beauty in imperfection and unpredictability. 


Incorporating the fabric distortion technique known as "The Art of Mending," the shell fabric is intentionally mended to emphasise the flaws and imperfections of the garments, creating unique and unexpected textures and patterns. 


This collection celebrates the imperfect, serving as a reminder that beauty can be found in life's flaws and unpredictability.


Expected to ship by the end of January
  • Made in Hong Kong by social enterprise, this piece will support the talented middle-aged community in Hong Kong.

    • 100% cotton end-of-rolls
    • Natural stones hand bead embroidery with peach moonstone, jadeite and topaz

    Handwash or dry clean, do not bleach, soft steam ironing only.

    SIZE 1 32 25 35
    SIZE 2 35 28 38
    SIZE 3 38 32 41

    The model is wearing SIZE 1.


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